about Populist Response

Populist Response is created with dual meaning: on one hand, it joins and stands with people who otherwise have too small a voice, this is meant as one echo in a collective, a response to the “portrayed” dominant culture. On the other, while Populist Response is written from a white male point of view, it questions gang-mentality, gut-responses, and the dominant white male culture.

i understand that a carefully manicured set of data – sculpted by a few wealthy, white and powerful men – is established as CULTURE. “Music,” “Art,” “Self Expression,” and a good portion of “The News,” are reincorporated to represent the interests of that small group.

In today’s society, artists, critics, writers who want to improve their lot from subsistence poverty, must accommodate their work to the established CULTURE.

The body of work in this blog aligns itself with the humane by bluntly and skill-less-ly calling out the inhumane. The lack of “fine art” in PopResponse requires a non-traditional perspective from the consumer. It is a “humanist body”, not art. While the lack of skill is sincerely mine, the profanity of the subject matter is not. This blog represents the drawing equivalent of my career as a home-based family clinician (though my perspective on humanity is a much darker than mine on the individual); it serves as a reflection on CULTURE and the state of the world. i understand  POP CULTURE,  POP POLITIC, and POP REACTIONS to be inhumane, and this is my personal response.