a word on my roots in politic

many ongoing events have pushed me back to proactive politics, this site is that embodiment. i’m not following “art” as rote memory; i began my political journey as a toddler, wabbling union picket lines. much later i traveled to central america, learned spanish, and began to build an increasingly nuanced understand of the world. i learned painful and beautiful lessons. it all came to a head when my best friend and mentor eloquently told me after a long conversation about the future,”fuck the shit up from the inside!”so, in the name of promoting systemic change – giving back in a meaningful way – i returned home to rhode island. i now have too much education and have worked as a community/political organizer, teacher, and clinical social worker.

i have worked with parents and their children for nearly a decade, it is exhausting, emotionally trying. at work i am a home-based clinical therapist, at my home i crunch to maintain a large family. i am often lost in the rat-race, it is difficult to engage in the public forum with consistency, as i once had, and i miss it. this site is a very public response to the dominant politic – be it local, national, or international – it is my attempt to climb out of the micro, and into the macro. this satire, is the result of a sense of humor that can only dredged from the depths of a clinician’s dark corner of the mind, while traveling the urban streets of providence, rhode island, listening to national public radio…

in short.

more to come… this site is a work in progress!

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